Who, What, Where, When and Why… Is Travis Matthews?


Travis Matthews is an honest and pure-hearted individual whose main goal is to sooth your ears and put a smile on your face. This loveable creature strives to deliver passionate and sincere performances that make everyone feel included. From heartfelt songs sung about his love and appreciation for his grandma, to the frustration and self-disappointment of a pizza delivery gone wrong, Travis’ simplistic storytelling makes even the quirkiest of situations seem relatable. Now, at the age of 23, he is making his mark in the flourishing Edmonton music scene having hosted open stages at The Dirtbag Cafe and performing solo at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. His music has been likened to Paul Simon and Jack Johnson, and his voice to Dallas Green, and Elton John. Some say that even in the darkest dustiest room, Travis’ performances make you feel like you’re water-skiing on a lake, on top of a mountain, with a view only the birds share. Come share some of your time with this truly unique performer.


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Travis Matthews and his Dad bio

Travis Matthews is a musician from Edmonton, Alberta who has been gaining popularity at an alarming rate within the Albertan Folk music scene. Having opened for acts such as Gunning & Cormier, Ruthie Foster and Kat dancer, Travis is experienced in entertaining small and large crowds alike. After a year of playing sold-out venues opening for these acts, the feeling of loneliness from performing solo became too prominent for Travis. He began searching far and wide for the perfect musician to share the stage with. It was around that time that Travis’ dad began to feel bad for his sons’ fruitless search and decided to reveal his true identity (which he had been keeping secret from Travis all this time). That identity, to Travis’ shock, was being the lead guitarist for K.D Lang and The Reclines (1983-1990) as well as Ian Tysons acoustic trio (1998-2008). Travis was flooded with mixed emotions once he heard the news and let his Dad tryout for part. Travis’ dad dusted off his old baritone guitar and brought magic to Travis’ songs in ways he’d never dreamed of. Travis claimed that he was, “good enough I guess” and accepted his father into the act. They are now coming to a venue near you to sing sweet nothings into your lovely ears. So get yourself some tickets and don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience.

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